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OMI Environmental Solutions (OMIES) now offers Hydrographic Surveys. Using some of the most modern equipment available, OMIES can offer a wide range of sub-surface tasks while being flexible enough to cover jobs of all sizes. From bayous to rivers, we can provide real time data to help decision makers see through muddled waters.

Using methods originally adopted by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) for F.E.M.A., OMIES can quickly scan, process, interpret, and deliver SONAR data in record time. And due to the scalability of our equipment, we can take on jobs of all sizes.

OMIES can help customers in many ways including customized charting and surveys to determine berthing ability, low water impacts, and debris mapping.

Our surveys will be able to provide an accurate up to date picture of the subsea environment for our customers. We can provide a snap-shot in time to determine current depths and help to build historical reference points for future concerns. Additionally, our charting abilities will allow users to instantly determine how higher or lower water will affect their maritime interest.

When disaster rolls ashore, all too often marine debris is left in its wake. By taking advantage of our hydrographic services prior to a storm, our customers will be able to positively identify what storm related debris is affecting their property as well as provide documentation to help determine the eligibility of the debris for removal. Disaster declarations follow the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, and our services can help to determine if marine debris is eligible under this act, thereby helping to cut through bureaucratic red tape during critical post landfall recovery.

OMIES has the answers to your subsurface questions. Our Hydrographic Surveys are affordable, safe and cost efficient.

Hydrographic Surveys include:

  • Subsurface Mapping Survey
    • Custom Cartography
    • Navigation Hazards
    • Low Water Impacts
    • Custom 3-D Representations
    • Subsurface Bottom Composition
    • Bottom Sediment Volumetrics
  • Submerged Debris Survey
    • Debris Mapping
    • Stafford Act Determination
    • Navigation Hazards
    • Post Storm Damage Assessment