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OMI Environmental Solutions

OMI Environmental Solutions (OMI) has highly trained safety specialists to respond to incidents worldwide 24/7. OMI provides on-site safety support and coordination for requirements that are regulatory based such as OSHA / DOT or if there is a need for an Incident Command Safety Officer. Additionally, OMI can assist our customers with compliance needs for OPA90 with PREP (Preparedness for Response Exercise), Drill Management Program, Table Top Drills, Deployment Exercises, and Plan Writing. Environmental consulting services such as aerial surveillance, UAV services, safety personnel staffing, Situation Monitoring & Response Tracking (SM&RT) are also among the many services which are available. Our SM&RT program can provide Incident Action Plans (IAP) from the first day of the incident, all the way through to final reports as well as tracking response resources in near real time. The synergy of our information in our service lines allows our customers to receive and document, in real time, information that will permit timely and cost effective action to mitigate the incident.