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OMI Environmental Solutions

OMI Environmental Solutions (OMI) has more than 25 years of experience in providing safe and efficient tank cleaning services. OMI’ extensive experience covers all facets of tank cleaning for hot work (gas-free) or product changes, ancillary services and many types of products that include, but are not limited to: acid / caustic, asphalt / coal tar, catalyst, crude oil bottoms, diesel fuel oils, food grade / refined products, lube oils, paraffin and plastics / polymers / resins. Our teams are diversified and also perform onshore and offshore cleaning services for pipelines, railcars, mud tanks (oil-based and water-based), rigs, and a wide array of vessels and process equipment such as pressure vessels, separators, heat exchangers, storage tanks, slop oil tanks and cutting boxes. OMI has the ability and expertise, and knows the value of completing all projects safely, on time and within budget.