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OMI Environmental Solutions

OMI Environmental Solutions (OMI) has complete oil spill response capabilities utilizing response vessels up to 40 feet in length, vacuum trucks, portable vacuum systems, skimmers, self-propelled skimmer boats and more than 90,000 feet of containment boom. Classified by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) as an Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO), OMI’ spill response services are available 24/7. With well-staffed and response-ready facilities along the Gulf Coast including Louisiana and Texas, and a comprehensive National Spill Response Program (NSRP); OMI is strategically positioned and equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to any type of emergency or disaster response. Furthermore, OMI can utilize its capabilities for AMPD coverage, decontamination, oil field cleanup or remediation services. With a world-renowned reputation and as one of the oldest oil spill response companies in the world, OMI Environmental Solutions should be your first call!