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OMI Environmental Solutions (OMI) now offers Situation Monitoring and Resource Tracking (SM&RT). Through SM&RT, OMI provides incident management services including notifications and final reports. OMI establishes a plan and command post, provides oversight, provides a bridge to regulatory agencies and provides documentation for each operational period, while also working with the customer from beginning to end.

SM&RT allows everyone to be on the same page in an instant whether it’s a minor or a major incident, the initial stages of response are total chaos. When that happens, you are spending a lot of money, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Our software gets you to an organized place quickly, in all of the chaos, and allows everyone to get on the same page right from the start.


OMI can provide a wide range of Incident Management Services from notifications to final reports:

  • Incident Command System personnel staffing (Section Chiefs/Branch Directors, etc.)
  • Incident Action Plan writing to provide written IAPs for incidents small and large.
  • Establish and man a Command Post, provide oversight, liaison with regulatory agencies and provide documentation for each operation period.
  • Work with customer from spill notification through decon / demob to manage spill costs.


OMI can track response resources in near real-time with:

  • Bar code personnel and equipment for daily scanning.
  • Provide equipment location information to Command Post daily.
  • Provide logistic solutions for managers and increased personnel accountability.